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JIAXING CITY MORNING LIGHT VENTILATING FAN CO.,LTD.(formerly Jiaxing city seven ventilation equipment factory), located in the eastern suburbs of Jiaxing, the provincial tourism resort xiajiadang tourism area adjacent to 320 National Road, seven road, away from Shanghai and Hangzhou are 100 kilometers, traffic is very convenient. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wind turbines, ventilation equipment enterprises. "Morning" brand of various types of wind turbine products by the relevant authorities to detect, for several consecutive year by the provinces and municipalities qualified products. The company has strong technical strength, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect detection means, there is a strong lineup of J machinery production. At the same time, enterprises always implement the science and technology as the guide, give full play to the essence of science and technology, and constantly develop and innovate, to carry out technological transformation. In addition to the company specializing in the production of boiler auxiliary fan, but also the production of various models, specifications of the fan, high pressure axial fan. 99 years and successfully developed the "DF" series of low noise wind chassis, low noise mixed flow fan, oblique flow fan and roof fan, welcomed by the vast number of users.
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